Grass is being grown using our state-of-the-art extrusion systems. Today, artificial grass yarns made from monofilaments are being manufactured in the most diverse shapes and colors in order to simulate the blade of grass to achieve the most natural look possible for the artificial turf. Artificial turf is used both for sports facilities and in landscaping.

Monofilament yarns are also used for Agricultural Textiles such as shade fabrics, for Geotextiles such as fabrics for road construction, for concrete reinforcement and several special applications.

As a solutions provider, our portfolio also includes the downstream production steps winding, texturing, wrapping and twisting.



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Tape yarns are used for Agro- and Geotextiles such as protective fabrics and baler twines, for carpet backing, for jute replacement and several special applications. But also for Artificial Turf with different end applications for sports as well as for landscaping tape yarns are used.

With our latest developments EvoTape and WinTape we offer the perfect couple for an innovative solution for tape production.

As a solutions provider, our portfolio also includes the downstream production steps – including winding, texturing and twisting.



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It is essential for all those wishing to keep up with rapidly-changing technologies and market requirements to constantly replace their aging spinning systems. Frequently, simply replacing core components is sufficient to remain competitive. It is modernizing the take-up system that is particularly promising.

With the ASW, babyASW and WinTens, our portfolio offers a range of versatile high-speed winders. The winders are diverse, both in terms of processes and materials and in terms of yarn applications. To this end, our automatic high-speed winders guarantee precise package build and hence superlative package quality, while ensuring increase of efficiency.



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