Our winders are running at manufacturers of yarns for airbags, tire cord, truck tarpaulins, belts, ropes and much more since more than 25 years. We have customers in Germany and Europe, Asia, North, Central & South America and Africa.

Our customers benefit from decades of experience in winding perfect bobbins to meet the continuously growing requirements for weaving, cabling, twisting and tufting machines.

This reflects in higher sales prices of their bobbins and higher margins of the final products.

We offer two highly proven traverse systems - cam shaft and cam shaft in combination with a groove roll.

It is not the yarn but the grooved roll decides how we place the yarn exactly on the bobbin.

The high-speed winders of our product portfolio cover a speed range of 800 up to 5,000 m/min. The 600 and 1,200 mm long chucks can be used to wind up to 8 yarn ends per winder.