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Artificial Grass

We offer the right equipment for the production of artificial grass monofilament for sport fields as well as for landscape:

Extrusion -> (Winding) -> Twisting
Extrusion -> Inline Spiral Wrapping and/or Texturing

Main features for

Sport fields

  • bi-color monofilament yarn from LLDPE with low shrinkage and low curl
  • bi-component (co-extrusion) and bi-color monofilament yarn from LLDPE
  • improved resilience and long Lisport life


  • bi-color textured monofilament yarn from PP
  • with high speed for low production cost and improved resilience
  • PP textured landscape yarn is replacing yarn made from LLDPE
  • In-line downstream process with high speed for low cost

STC Equipment

1. monofilament extrusion line

  • in different working widths

2. Twister

  • DD2000
  • high speed two-for-one twisting with precision winding

3. Inline-spiral wrapping and/or Texturing

  • perfect machine for sticky monofilaments from LLDPE with high UV content – no slip-stick and broken monofilament problems
  • high output due to high number of monofilaments (up to 2 x 144 = 288 monofilaments with low denier)
  • all kinds of shapes

including winding with WinOro

  • fully automatic yarn transfer
  • tube magazine for up to 4 empty tubes
  • conveyor belt for automation available