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Artificial Grass

We offer the right equipment for the production of artificial grass tape yarn for sport fields as well as for landscape:

Extrusion -> Winding -> Twisting
Extrusion -> Inline Texturing

Main features for

Sport fields

  • mono-color fibrillated slit film tape yarn from LLDPE
  • blade fibrillated yarn with special fibrillation pattern
  • long Lisport life


  • mono-color textured slit film tape yarn from PP
  • new concept
  • low denier from 300 up to 500 dtex
  • high output with in-line texturing
  • low production costs – cheaper compared to low denier monofilament yarn

STC Equipment

1. Slit film extrusion line

  • in different working widths

2. Twister

  • DD2000
  • high speed two-for-one twisting with precision winding

3. Inline-Texturing

  • two yarn ends per position
    including winding with WinOro
  • fully automatic yarn transfer
  • tube magazine for up to 4 empty tubes
  • conveyor belt for automation available